Redacted University

💡 Welcome to Redacted University, the one stop shop for learning and joining the Cartel. The hub is divided into 3 sections:
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    Butterfly Content, the most advanced content to make you an expert and join ████████
  2. 2.
    Chrysalis Content, an intermediate course on key concepts of Curve Finance and Convex
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    Caterpillar Content, with the most important basic concepts of Crypto and DeFi
🦋 How to get involved with Redacted?
  • Start by learning about Redacted by reading the introductory post​
  • Join the Discord and head over to the #Start-Here channel
  • To contribute to the University Notion please reach out to 71sim12 or D Analyst on Discord or Twitter

Redacted University

Hub for more in-depth resources around Redacted, its integrations, and the market it plays in.

Redacted Cartel

​How Bonding Works​

About [████████]

***The Curve Wars story [Redacted]**** *- TokenInsight - Apr 9, 2022
​Baseplate Thesis - 0xSami - Feb 21, 2022
​What is [REDACTED] Cartel and the BTRFLY token? - Blocmates - Jan 13, 2022
​OHM, BTRFLY, and the pursuit of CRV - Wumkin’s Substack - Jan 2, 2022

Chrysalis: Partner Ecosystems and Main DeFi Protocols 🌸📖

Ready to fall down the DeFi rabbit hole, Caterpillar? Check out Redacted partners and discover more about the most important DeFi protocols!


​Curve Governance​
​ELI5: Curve Wars​


​Convex 101​
​Convex Governance​

Relationship between Curve and Convex

Ω Olympus DAO Ω

​ELI5: OlympusDAO​


​What is Frax?​
​Key Concepts​


​What is Tokemak?​

Rari Capital

​What is Rari?​


​What is Dopex?​
​Dopex Options ELI5​

Ribbon Finance


​What is Balancer?​


Tribe DAO

Llama Force Union

DeFi World

Caterpillar: The Basics 🐛📖

Hello, anon. Move your first steps by discovering the core principles of DeFi. If you feel a bit lost while reading the contents above, this is the place to start!

DeFi Pills

​What is DeFi​
​What is DeFi 2.0​
​What is a DAO​
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