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Migrate to v2 w/ Etherscan

Step 1

Go to one of these token addresses on Etherscan:

Step 2

Approve your tokens to token migrator:
  • Call balanceOf function in read contract with your own address.
  • Copy paste the returned number.
  • Go to write contract.
  • Call the “approve” method. Inputs as spender: 0xE8B3c26AA82B21A10237F1d3EEbEE40b54c925e4 (token migrator). And amount, as the number returned from calling the balanceOf function on your address (step 2).

Step 3

Migrate your tokens to BTRFLY or rlBTRFLY.
  • Set the parameters from the number returned from the balanceOf method (step 2) into the field with your BTRFLY version. Set the rest as 0. For the recipient, set it as your own address. For the lock parameter, if you want to lock into rlBTRFLY, make it “true”, if not make it “false”.
  • Execute transaction. DONE!
Last modified 4mo ago