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Hidden Hand FAQ

What is Hidden Hand?

Hidden Hand is the premier marketplace for vote incentives in the DeFi space. It facilitates transactions between protocols and token holders who are looking to earn rewards for their voting power.

What is a bribe in the context of Hidden Hand?

A bribe is essentially a reward offered by a protocol to token holders in return for their voting power. This incentivizes participation and helps protocols make important decisions on token emissions.

It's important to note that Hidden Hand primarily focuses on where token emissions should be directed, not on general governance votes.

Which networks does Hidden Hand support?

Hidden Hand supports Ethereum mainnet, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Polygon zkEVM.

How do I use Hidden Hand?

If you're a voter, check out Mechanics. If you're a briber, check out Bribe Types.

When will I receive my Hidden Hand rewards?

Once a protocol's voting epoch concludes, rewards, also known as bribes, are typically distributed within a day to all active participants. This delay is due to a built-in security featureβ€”a three-hour time lock on the rewards distributor. If you've opted to use the Yield Harvester, there's an additional three-hour time lock, totaling to at least six hours before you receive your rewards.

Can I use a contract wallet on Hidden Hand?

Yes! However, it's important that you set reward forwarding in order to prevent any issues. Please refer to Reward Forwarding for a tutorial.

What is the 'efficiency' metric?

Efficiency is a metric for those who deposit incentives for gauges. It represents the rewards distributed to the gauge per $1 of incentives.

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