pxCVX Liquidity (lpxCVX)

Details about lpxCVX.

pxCVX liquidity on decentralized exchanges is provided via lpxCVX/CVX liquidity pools.

lpxCVX is a wrapped version of pxCVX, designed to facilitate interactions within liquidity pool contracts. It exists primarily to allow the Redacted DAO to claim yields generated by pxCVX from these contracts.

When a user wishes to exchange pxCVX for CVX (or CVX for pxCVX), they can do so via an lpxCVX/CVX liquidity pool on a decentralized exchange, like Curve.

The conversion process, where pxCVX is turned into lpxCVX and vice versa, is abstracted away by the Pirex frontend. This simplifies the experience for users, making the exchange process straightforward and efficient.

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