Yield Harvester

Hidden Hand's yield harvester.

The yield harvester, also known as the reward vault, is a feature that consolidates gas costs for claiming various bribe tokens and converts them into a single target token (WETH).

How to Use the Yield Harvester

To use the yield harvester to receive reward tokens earned, navigate to the Hidden Hand rewards page. Under Settings, you'll find an option to turn on the WETH yield harvester.

To enable the yield harvester ensure that your wallet is connected to Ethereum mainnet.

When are Yield Harvest Rewards Available to Claim?

Yield harvester rewards are available to claim within 1-3 days from the end of a voting round.

Are Prior Unclaimed V1 Rewards Included in the Yield Harvester?

No. Only unclaimed (and future) V2 rewards are included in the yield harvester. V1 rewards are not supported.

Notes on Optimizations & Edge Cases

  • The yield harvester only activates when there's a sufficient amount of tokens to swap. This means if the total reward tokens for a given round are too low, making it uneconomical to swap due to high transaction costs or lack of liquidity, then rewards are processed through the conventional RewardDistributor contract instead of the harvester.

  • As with all rewards processed via the RewardDistributor, they are available to claim by users at their discretion. If a user's rewards are not claimed by the start of the next distribution cycle, and they still have the harvester enabled, then their remaining rewards will be swapped for WETH in the next harvest (if possible).

  • Harvester Membership works similar to Reward Forwarding, it based on the market/protocol's primary voting chain (eg. for Aura, you would need to join on mainnet since that is where voting happens)

Does the Yield Harvester Charge Fees?

Yes, the yield harvester charges a 10% fee on rewards.

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